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The ARC – actualise, reintegrate & change

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In 2018, Cornwall will see the arrival of The ARC – a purpose built wellbeing hub situated within an area of outstanding natural beauty. This new service will be unique in every way. Primarily, The ARC will be used to support the 999 community/Veterans and young people through both residential and day support. The ARC will also be available for other initiatives (with a focus/bias on improving wellbeing) and at this early stage, we invite suggestions/ideas, including partnership working.

The purpose of The ARC is, in essence, to give people in the southwest an opportunity to emotionally prosper as mental health care is often, and quite rightly, referred to as the “cinderella service”. This is due to the financial and service neglect of a global epidemic which will have dire consequences long-term if it remains unaddressed.

Sea Sanctuary will provide a well-being hub in the heart of the southwest offering a raft of programmes designed to improve emotional resilience, move people away from maladjusted coping strategies and instead, move people towards greater self-reliance. We look forward to supporting hundreds of people; many of whom simply do not have the support they desperately require. The ARC will be a community asset and as such, we will welcome organisations to make use of this facility in order to move away from the often fragmented approach to treatment and mental health support.


To be clear from the start, Sea Sanctuary would like to work with other organisations (both statutory and third-sector) within the structure of The ARC’s educational programmes working on the premise that other organisations have much to offer. We very much hope that The ARC will be utilised by one and all moving mental health care towards a more cohesive strategy.

If you would like to discuss ways in which you or your organisation might wish to work alongside this new service, please get in touch.

Thank you.